Top 5 Luxury Trains of India

If you want to visit royal, coastal and historical sites of India in states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Karnataka then traveling through various luxury trains of India makes your journey more majestic and splendid. Since the royal and lavish treatment, these trains offer makes the rail journey unforgettable and invaluable. Some of the luxury trains of India are:

• Palace on Wheels

It is India’s first super luxurious train and indeed matches its name as it is similar to a palace and an excellent choice to visit royal heritages of Rajasthan. The turban-clad attendants are ever-ready to give travelers regal treatment. Initially, it was launched in 1982, but it was revamped and re-launched in 2009 to offer more modern and lavish amenities. It is 4th best luxury train in the world. The train Palace on Wheels encompasses salons, restaurants, internet, bar, spa and much more.


• The Maharajas Express

The Maharajas Express is not only the most recent member of the top luxury train of India, but it also comes among the top five luxurious trains of the world due to its magnificent hospitality. The train runs on different routes and covers destinations like Mumbai, Rajasthan, Agra, and Delhi. You will feel like a real king after witnessing the richness and comfort of the train. Visitors can enjoy their ride in the bar, lounge, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Apart from this it also offers facilities like lavish suites with attach bathrooms, Wi-Fi, LCDs and much more modern facilities. It is a combined project of IRCTC and Cox and Kings India.


• Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is well-known and admired for its exceptional comfort and lavishness and match its name undoubtedly due to its royal treatment. The train is directed by RTDC and it acquires 14 extravagant and luxurious cabins that are the factual replica of royal palaces of Maharajas of ancient times. The luxury train offers splendid treatment such as multi-cuisine restaurants, comfy bars, luxurious spa rooms, fitness center, saloons as well as Wi-Fi network. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels takes you on the unforgettable journey of regal and heritage sites of Rajasthan and Agra.

Royal Rajsthan on Wheels - Kabine von Innen

• The Deccan Odyssey

To feel the real royal experience and lavishness as well as the beauty of Maharashtra and Goa, The Deccan Odyssey is a perfect choice. It is like a luxurious five-star hotel on wheels that demonstrates a glimpse of the golden and royal era of emperors of ancient time. The Deccan Odyssey encompasses about 21 lavish coaches that offer majestic and high-tech amenities such as luxurious and multi-cuisine restaurants and bar, spa, business centre, lounges, Computers as well as internet connectivity. Do take pleasure of the regal journey in this luxury train of India to get an experience of the lifetime.

The Deccan Odyssey

• The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is an expensive and lavish Luxury Train of India which will make your journey to South India more exciting and unforgettable with its world-class hospitality. It is directed by the KSTDC and a splendid compliment to Stone Chariot of Hampi. The luxury train of India contains 19 outstanding coaches that are the mixture of golden and purple color. It offers mouthwatering cuisine in its lavish restaurants, impressive suites, gym, spa, bar and other royal amenities. In 2013, it was honored as ‘Asia’s Leading Luxury Train’.

Golden Chariot train

All above luxurious trains of India make your trip to different parts of India worth to remember for the lifetime. The royal treatment of these super-lavish trains will fill you with bliss and ecstasy. Do try to take pleasure of these trains to know the actual royal richness and heritage of places like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka.


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